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Who are we?

We are Sophie, Christy and Katy. With eight children between us we’re pretty well set to tell you what a huge difference hypnobirthing makes (we all have given birth with and without it).  Having these techniques in our birthing toolbox revolutionised our experience. From very disempowering births (which didn’t go as we’d hoped and left us feeling disappointed), to amazing births – not always as we’d pictured, but positive and beautiful nonetheless.


"Thank you so much for educating us on the wonder of birth and the power of my body. I am now looking forward to the experience rather than dreading it! The course has brought my husband and I closer together and I am so glad that hypnobirthing will allow him to have an active role in the birth."


"I relied on the techniques throughout my labour and it absolutely made a massive difference. From someone who thought they had a low pain threshold, who was full of fear, to someone who nailed a back to back home birth. And all because I was able to re-wire my brain, focus on the positives, and understand about oxytocin and all the hormones necessary for a good birth, thank you!"


Client Birth Stories

‘Tom just kept saying this is just another part of our individual birth story like no one else’s. He was an incredible coach’


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