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Would you like to feel calmer and more confident about your birth?

Feel empowered and prepared? To know what your choices and options are? To feel knowledgeable and ready to navigate your way to your positive birth experience?

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Have you been seeking a calm, positive birth but thinking how can that ever be possible!?  How the HELL am I supposed to birth this baby? My body will not be able to cope! I cry when I stub my toe, how will I be able to do it? I am frightened, anxious and scared of losing control!

Oh lovely, have heart you are not alone! We understand exactly how you are feeling. We felt EXACTLY the same and we are here to give you the exact tools you need to do this your way. We are so glad you have found us. We can help you feel calm and confident about your birth, We really have got your back!

Who are we?

We are Sophie, Christy and Katy. With eight children between us we’re pretty well set to tell you what a huge difference hypnobirthing makes (we all have given birth with and without it). The differences it made to our birth experiences were immense. Having these techniques in our birthing toolbox revolutionised our experience. From very disempowering births (which didn’t go as we’d hoped and left us feeling disappointed), to amazing births – not always as we’d pictured, but positive and beautiful nonetheless.

What is Hypnobirthing?

The three of us know hypnobirthing is much more than a bit of magical breathing (if only that’s all it took!). It’s a complete mindset shift. The power of approaching your birth positively and informed is massive. Life-changing even. Since becoming teachers we’ve been amazed to discover the power our minds have over our births and how much you can do to stack the odds in your favour.


"I relied on the techniques throughout my labour and it absolutely made a massive difference. From someone who thought they had a low pain threshold, who was full of fear, to someone who nailed a back to back home birth. And all because I was able to re-wire my brain, focus on the positives, and understand about oxytocin and all the hormones necessary for a good birth, thank you!"


What you’ll get...


We are upfront with you about what birth, breastfeeding and motherhood are really like so that you can feel genuinely prepared. We are here every step of the way with you.

Confidence : 

  • We help to grow your confidence by giving you the tools to wade through the myths and stories about birth we’re all surrounded by.
  • We help you to understand how your body works before, during and after labour so that you can grow to trust your birthing body and understand how amazing and capable you really are!
  • Our courses also get your birth partner on board. Despite the name, hypnobirthing is genuinely logical and science-based. Your partner will love it as much as you do! They’ll leave confident in what you want and in what their role is too. 

Information : 

  • Our courses are packed full of information that will leave you feeling like you can totally do this birth and motherhood stuff (which you totally can by the way!)
  • You will able to make informed decisions that work for you and your family. 
  • We teach you all about the many (many!) amazing ways your body is preparing to give birth to your baby.
  • We present you with all the info you need to have your baby where you feel most comfortable – be that hospital, midwife-led-unit, birthing centre or home. 

"Thank you so much for educating us on the wonder of birth and the power of my body. I am now looking forward to the experience rather than dreading it! The course has brought my husband and I closer together and I am so glad that hypnobirthing will allow him to have an active role in the birth."


What makes us different?

We know that Hypnobirthing is more than just breathing and relaxation it is about totally changing your mindset and approach to birth. With this in mind added loads of positive mindset techniques into our courses to ensure that you have everything you need to stay calm, confident and positive no matter what path your birth takes.

We continue supporting you before, during and after your course. We are always here for you, whatever you may need. We are here after your baby is born to direct you to any advice or further support you might need.

We have strong links to some amazing Doulas, Masseurs, Reflexologists, Osteopaths, Postnatal services and many other therapists so that we can ensure that you are provided with information about every service you might need or want.

We help your birth partner to feel confident too so that you are well supported and advocated for when birthing your baby.

We understand that everyone is unique and so we ensure that you are presented with unbiased, up to date and truthful information so that you can weigh up your options and make decisions that you feel comfortable with.

A number of different course and payment options to make sure that we can have your back no matter what you situation is.

‘Tom just kept saying this is just another part of our individual birth story like no one else’s. He was an incredible coach’



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