Are you dreaming of a calm and positive birth? Not sure where to start?

We are here to guide you through all you need to know (and all you never knew you needed to know) about birthing your baby your way. We are two hypnobirthing teachers who have experienced first hand the difference hypnobirthing makes to birth.  With two children each we have birthed with and without hypnobirthing and can attest to the huge, HUGE difference hypnobirthing makes to all births - no matter what the circumstances. Whether you are planning a home birth, a caesarean or all that comes in between, our classes will ensure that you feel confident, calm and relaxed in making your own decisions. 

"This course has completely altered for the better how I'm approaching the birth of my baby and I've gone from feeling fearful and frankly in denial to eager and excited for the labour!” Christy and Jon, parents to Kit and George.

We teach hypnobirthing classes in Kent both privately and in groups. Our honest, logical, science- based approach will put you in control of your birth. It’s not magic, just good old common sense. We love working with first and second (and third and fourth!) time Mums and Dads and ensuring that they are equipped with the relaxation techniques and birthing knowledge that made such a difference to us second time round.