The Power Bundle


Hello Gorgeous! 
So you are growing a human! I am sure you are getting congratulations and good wishes from everyone! (Let me add mine too!) 
And yes you are happy but you just can’t stop thinking that you won’t be able to do it. 

How will your body cope?

HOW will that baby come earthside? (I mean argh! It doesn’t even seem possible) 

You get that sinking feeling of dread and weighty panic in your stomach whenever you think about it.

A mixture of wanting time to speed up so you can get it over and done with and wanting time to s l o w r i g h t d o w n so you never have to get there.

You keep thinking of various bits and realizing how little you know about the process. Out comes the phone and a quick google session and what you read terrifies you even more!

Ok, so maybe you’ll just bury your head in the sand, block your ears and forget it’s happening.

Trust me I understand.

This was me! When I had my son I was the supreme Queen of sand head burying and full of fear and anxiety. 

I also know that this does not work. 

It is totally leaving everything to chance. And yes totally chance can be kind but it can also really really not be.

And I found this out the hard way. 

I want with every fibre of my being for this not to be you. Do not leave it all to the kindness of chance. Trust me you do not want to go there it is not nice.

I can help you! You CAN feel positive SO quickly!

This is our wonderful and empowering Hypnobirthing course combined with totally priceless and valuable additions that result in an all singing all dancing form of birth preparation so you can totally rock your birth.

You CAN learn to trust your body.

You CAN own your birth and feel supported, nurtured and guided by me through what can be an amazing, wonderful and life changing process. (Trust me it can let me tell you!)

You will get:

1:1 private Hypnobirthing Course for you and your birth partner (3x 3 hour sessions in your home or mine in Faversham)

The Calm Birth Method Book

Kent Hypnobirthing Workbook

5 MP3 Relaxation Recordings to feel suberbly calm and relaxed!

4 x hour long 1:1 support for refreshers, confidence boosting and relaxation in person, via skype, facetime or over the phone (your choice!). 

This bundle is designed so that you can start earlier (anytime from 12 weeks up to 34 weeks) and then enjoy more of your pregnancy feeling calm, confident and like you totally have this! 

Access to TWO fantastic online courses:
You will learn how to get your baby into the very best position you can for birth from an incredible expert midwife and Hypnobirthing teacher Nissa with access to the, I think vital, online course - Align your Baby.
You will get confident and learn amazing breastfeeding knowledge, skills and tools with access to the AMAZING online Breastfeeding course from lactation consultant Anna and breast feeding councilor and Hypnobirthing teacher Ray!

You will also get a box of wonderful treats to nurture your body and your mind because well you deserve that gorgeous!

Your investment for this Power Bundle is £750 and can be paid in one, two or three installments.

If this speaks to you then you could be PERFECT to sign up to one of my Power Bundle spaces so call or message me, Sophie, on 07815055990 to book your free call to chat or email

Spaces for the Power Bundle are very limited as I will be devoting time, love and support to you as well as your tailored 1:1 Hypnobirthing course and all the fantastic course materials.

Love Sophie x