Eve & Ellie's Birth

First of all I'd like to point out that my job involves exercising almost daily so I've been very active all the way through my pregnancy!*
22nd may. Got up early as normal to go teach Bootcamp, went to see Melissa [our hypnobirthing teacher] about 10:30 for a cuppa and a chat and to drop off the massage couch, then went to meet another friend at the park. Walked for about an hour at riverside then sat down for a drink while her 2 yr old was in the play area.
All day I'd been running to the toilet every half hour as kept thinking maybe I'd wet myself.. Wasn't really panicking and thought maybe baby A had moved and was resting on my bladder.
But this time I'd definitely NOT wet myself, and my jeans were now wet...and was getting mild period type pains. Just so happens a lady who used to come to my classes had spotted me in the park and now wanted to chat - all I hold think about was omg I hope she doesn't notice my wet jeans!
Nic suggested I called the hospital just to check...so I left her at the park at about 3pm.
Decided I needed Jaffa cakes so went to tesco on the way home..then remembered I had a car boot full of stuff to take to the charity shop, so went there too. Text Dave but told him not to panic it was probably nothing. Got home and rang the hospital who didn't seem overly concerned "oh make your way over here in the next few hours or so, it's probably nothing though"

Ok, no panic.

'Hmmm....these period pains are getting stronger.....this is different..."

So as decide laying across the sofa cuddling a pillow (while updating my facebook page apparently!) is the most comfortable position, my father in law turns up to drop off my birthday present! Brilliant...my in laws are great...but not who you want to chat to in early labour.

After about 10 mins of chit chatting and me getting more uncomfortable I locked myself in the bathroom until Dave came home
Things started to progress really fast from here. Dave reminding me to breathe as I started to panic - not because of pain or anything but because it was all suddenly very real, the babies were on their way and we were doing this right now!

I was in the back of the car, iPod on repeat with my hypnobirthing soundtracks, just trying to concentrate on my breathing.
We get to the maternity assessment unit, where they keep trying to make me lay on my back on the bed to be monitored. In between surges (where I was hanging round Dave's neck) I was more comfortable on the floor leaning over the bed or a chair. I said there's no way I can lay down for 20 mins, it wasn't painful if I stood up or leaned over, but as soon as I laid down it was seriously painful and all in my back!
So I didn't.

They also wanted to do an internal exam to see how dilated I was and when I declined this too, they said "well, how are we supposed to see if you are in labour then?!" Dave replied "I think you can quite clearly see from here she is in fact in labour..." (as I was yet again on the floor...still cuddling my pillow - but far more comfortable the than laying on a bed!)

In my head this made me laugh as I was thinking omg if this ISN'T labour then what the hell is it?!
So they agree to just do an ultrasound to check the babies positions, I manage to breathe slow enough to hold off another surge for 5 mins, giving her enough time to say "yes both babies are head down" as soon as I heard this I shot up from the bed saying "that's brilliant cos here comes another one" and went back to the floor!
The doctor finally gives up on asking me to take my trousers and pants off as I just kept saying no thank you, putting my iPod in and not speaking to anyone. They agree I am in labour (der!) and send me over to delivery suite.

Managed to walk to a delivery room in between surges, walking straight past the bed to the corner of the room and finding a chair to lean on (still cuddling my pillow!!) And that's where I stayed!

Between Dave and Roz, they made sure the room stayed dim and the windows were open, and that I wasn't interrupted unless it was really necessary. I had some brilliant back massages and encouraging words and reminders to breathe if I started to forget! I don't really know what Dave & Roz were up to at this point but I did get a bit of a longer breather at one point, turned round to see a room full of people!
The midwives (who I later found out were quite a few students!) we're brilliant actually, respected my wishes for no unnecessary internal exams and were monitoring with a Doppler every so often, not barking at me just gently asking for me to move slightly so they can get to babies.
The consultant came in and started trying to talk to me in between surges/contractions....and I was listening AND understanding everything he said, but I had to stop him every time another surge started. Each time (annoyingly!) he kept restarting what he wanted to say! After about the 4th or 5th time, I was getting really annoyed, so I put my iPod back in and told him to talk to Dave or Roz instead!
One of the midwives managed to talk to me calmly and relay what he was trying to say in one go! He was trying to tell me I couldn't use the pool, in my head I was thinking that's a shame, but to be honest I really don't think there would be time to fill it anyway as things were starting to feel different - again!
The surges were getting far stronger (I wouldn't describe it as painful, just very very intense) but i told myself as long as I carried on breathing and didn't panic I would be fine. I remember what was happening in my body from the hypnobirthing lessons so I think being aware if why it felt stronger meant I didn't panic.
I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling that something was moving and each surge automatically moved this bowling ball further down! All I did was carry on breathing, none of this 'hold your breath and push'.
One of the midwives reminded me that now would probably be a good time to take my trousers and pants off!
With the next few surges, Eve was out!
I have no idea what time it was by this point (didn't ask and didn't look at the clock)
Dave picked her up with the most lovely "awwwwwww" as she had a fairly short cord... Cuts the cord, all lovely...And then the room suddenly springs in to action I'm hustled over to the bed with Dave holding Eve and Roz with me.
To be honest the bit in between having the 2 girls is a bit of a blur as we went from calm and quiet to all action stations with so many people.
Everything is fine with Eve.
They do a quick ultrasound to check baby 2's position and I agreed to have waters broken while they held baby in position (small trade off I thought for getting everything else I wanted)
those bloody hooks are sharp! I keep saying....omg I just had a baby?! Wow!
Here we go again...so surges started within a few mins by themselves, I had Roz up at my head reassuringly and put my iPod back in and get comfy leaning over the back of the bed for round 2! surprisingly a lot quicker than I thought, there was only 22mins between the girls (8:45 and 9:07pm)
Ellie came out so unbelievably calm I panicked that something was wrong! She was fine, just calm! I go to pick her up and get told "hang on!!!" She had. A really short cord so I couldn't actually lift her up so was bent forwards semi cuddling her for a min or 2 until Dave had a hand free to cut the cord.
Wow....2 babies. Happy birthday to me. And the babies
Roz and Dave were holding a baby each while I waited for the placenta. After being asked a fair few times and *almost* agreeing to the injection! Roz said it's ok you're not in any rush. So I said no thanks and just waited. It wasn't very long and came out fairly easily. Although before the surges re started one of the midwives said try and give me a push.... I said what do you mean? She said push into your bum... Nothing happened...she said no push harder.....like you did... You just had 2 babies??!!! I said "I didn't do that....in just kept breathing and they came out"
*cue much snorting and "oh shut up" Hahahaha. Anyway, it was fine. And MASSIVE. I remember inspecting it and going "Dave come and have a look at this!!" Lol.
Funniest bit....?
I was in the shower afterwards and screeched. Dave and Roz came rushing in concerned. I said I'm ok (I screeched because I'd cut my thumb quite badly a few days before, and I got water in the cut. It really stung!!!)