Look after your precious bits! How to protect your perineum during birth.

Words and video by Sophie

One thing that I have found with every class I teach is that many women are worried about tearing or damage to their perineum. They worry so much about the horror stories that they hear.

They may also have had a previous birth which resulted in a tear and then the fears leave the realms of theory.

Another huge influence are how Film and Television mould women's expectations of how birth will be.

Many a birth on the big screen or TV show women as passive, scared women who are being directed by the birthing attendants when really it is (or should) be the other way round.

A birthing woman's instinct is so powerful and should be honoured. You as a birthing woman should also honour the power in it, the power in you.

With this fear in mind and to show you how I overcame it and learned ways to lower my chances of tearing with the help of hypnobirthing (and along the way also found a huge trust and love in the ability of my body) I have made you this video.


I hope that shows you that your body is amazing and that you can do really simple things to ensure that you are much less likely to have a tear.

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