WTF is the "hypno' bit about?

Words by Ray

So what is this 'hypno' stuff all about? And why has it got anything to do with birth? What did you think when you first heard the term? Personally I thought the whole concept sounded seriously weird! Would I be conscious? Would I be clucking like a chicken? What sort of proper nonsense was this!? So first time I was pregnant I decided against taking classes. The whole thing seemed too strange.

After my birth didn't pan out how I expected (you can read all about it here), everyone I spoke to who had a good brith had done hypnobirthing. Honestly it got a little annoying! So I researched more and to my surprise discovered that hypnobirthing would have given me the tools to be more in control of my birth not less as my misunderstandings of the name had led me to believe. I became a teacher before I'd had my positive birth experience. I trained when I was just 4 months pregnant with my second boy, because I was convinced that this little antenatal programme could have made a real difference to me first time round. Never mind all the other women I'd met since becoming a mum who shared with me their dissatisfaction and upset at how their births had gone.

I discovered that the 'hypno' is no more than reprogramming our brains through the power of suggestion to expect a more positive outcome. We don't promise the parents we work with that they will have the perfect birth - we just promise to work with them to stack the odds way in their favour.

Watch the video below for a more in depth explanation of what this 'hypno' stuff is all about

If this has demystified some of the terminology for you and you want to find out even more we offer Introduction to Hypnobirthing Workshops once a month. Feel free to contact us with any questions or book your place here.