Is it naive to plan a drug free birth?

Words by Ray


The main criticism the lovely ladies I teach receive from those around them is that they are naive about what they expect during their birth. That by planning to feel positive about their experience they are setting themselves up for a fall. At it's worse I have been accused of peddling unrealistic expectations for people, and setting them up to fail. Can I say right here and right now - I go out of my way to make sure that is never, EVER true. When talking about birth I always try to hammer home that all the mindset work we do in Hypnobirthing is working towards the most positive experience you can have. We cannot control what happens on the day, but we can stack the odds in your favour. And the more you know about the amazing power your mind has over your body. The better those odds are. Mums to be who work on approaching birth from a more positive angle often describe happier feelings about their births even if they end up with something they hadn't initially wanted or planned for. How does feeling good about any outcome sound? knowing you were prepared, knowledgeable and able to make good decisions for you and your baby. Pretty good right!?


I've talked before about the fact that I am very much a recovering cynic. Someone who previously put a lot of emphasis into expecting the worst outcomes. My motives in this were good. I truly believed that by doing this I would increase my surprise and joy when things did work out, but equally I would be prepared for the worst. Always, always prepared for the worst. Becoming a hypnobirthing teacher began my journey to seeing things from the 'other side' but what really cemented it was the difference between my two birth - one in which i anticipated aaaallllll the bad outcomes (you know, just in case!) and one when I focused on that one positive goal: my perfect birth. Watch the video to hear more about why focusing on the good is more powerful than you think, and the science of why it makes such a difference. . 

We are currently re-writing our courses to include WAY more tools to help you achieve the sort of positive mindset I'm talking about in the video. If that sounds good to you (seriously, I'm talking proper skills for life stuff) then have a look at our group courses for more info on when and where we are teaching.