What's with all the negative birth stories?

Words by Ray

Those early days of letting people in on your baby secret can be amazing, their faces light up as you tell them that you, yes little old you, are going to bring an actual human into the world. A human you will grow with your actual body. It's pure magic - well apart from the nausea, actual sick, back ache and unrelenting tiredness. But the rest, the rest is pure magic!

And then as your bump starts to grow, and remind people of what's happening in that womb of yours, people start to share - your mum or mother-in-law, your sister and friends and even strangers in the street. They are all clamouring to tell you all about their birth. And wouldn't that be lovely if it was beautiful, positive story after beautiful, positive story. But inevitably it. is. not. Too often it is negative, horror story after negative, horror story. Oh the joy! To dump that info in the brain of a pregnant lady preparing for her own birth. A birth that will have NOTHING to do with any birth that has gone before.

So why does all of this happen and what the hell can you do about it? Have look at my video 👇🏻 for some more of my musings on the topic. 

One more tip, one of THE best things you can do to protect yourself from these stories is build yourself a tribe of like minded people. People who understand the importance of a positive approach to birth (and to life!) We have a Facebook group called Gentle Birth Kent where you will find lots of like minded mums-to-be (and the odd Dad) and our group courses are a great place to find your supportive mama tribe! The group of friends I have made since my oldest was born have been one of the most transformative parts about becoming a mum, 

If you want to take a proactive step in drowning out some of the negative then have a look at our group classes. We'd love to be part of your positive journey!