About Us.

Who are we?

We are Sophie, Christy and Katy. With eight children between us we’re pretty well set to tell you what a huge difference hypnobirthing makes (we all have given birth with and without it).  Having these techniques in our birthing toolbox revolutionised our experience no matter how we birthed our babies in the world.



I became a hypnobirthing teacher after seeing first hand the huge difference that it made to my birth and how I felt. I went from anxious and scared to confident and knowing my power. The effects have travelled beyond my birth and have changed the way I see myself as a woman, and a mother. I initially trained as a KG Teacher - DipHB (KGH) - and now teach using The Calm Birth Method. I am in the process of training to become an aromatherapist. 

Before I was a hypnobirthing teacher I was a childminder. I loved childminding as I worked with amazing families and wonderful children. I got to stay at home and see my little boy grow up. But after witnessing the hugely positive and life changing effect that hypnobirthing had on me I knew I had to become a teacher! My experience has shown me the powerful impact that the classes, practise and application have. My second experience of birth was totally opposite to my first. My first birth, which was a very medicalised birth filled with intervention, left me feeling disempowered and very distrusting of my body. I could not believe how a natural birth could ever be possible for anyone. My second birth was incredibly healing, the relationship I have with my body, mind and the people close to me have been altered so positively. 

I approached my birth in a totally different way. Hypnobirthing was such an amazing thing for both me and my partner. It was a vital part of the birth of my daughter. You can read about Esther's birth here. I told everyone I possibly could about my experience and realised that I wanted to be able to teach it too. I was so enthusiastic about it I had trained  to become a teacher by the time Esther was 3 1/2 months old!  

My passion for birth has been lifelong (I come from a huge and very open family) but it became much more passionate after Esther's birth. I teach to help future mums and dads find their own power and strength. Labour and birth is truly incredible when you learn to trust your instincts and release fears.

I run Kent Hypnobirthing and currently teach group hypnobirthing classes in Faversham, 1:1 classes all over Kent and Rock Your Baby in Faversham and Margate. You can contact me directly on  sophie@kenthypnobirthing.com or 07815 055990




I live with my husband and our three children (George 5yrs, Kit 2 years and Josselyn 3 months) near Maidstone and I’ve a step daughter who’s 22 yrs old and expecting her own baby very soon! George’s birth was far from amazing, ‘gruelling’ I think my husband describes it so when I fell pregnant for the second time we took classes with Kent Hypnobirthing. We went on to have an amazing birth, a truly awesome birth with our second son Kit.

The experience was so powerful and emotional, I knew I wanted to help other parents achieve this for their births. The Kent Hypnobirthing girls invited me to join them so I trained with Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing in London, training which is approved by the Royal College of Midwives.

Before I had my children, I was a Police Detective investigating serious crime. It sounds like a huge leap to hypnobirthing and in some ways it is, although my previous job was based on evidence and I’ve found hypnobirthing to resonate with that, it is logical biology! The difference is now I’m coming into people’s lives at an exciting and very special time.

Complimentary to the antenatal classes, I am a Closing the Bones practitioner. It’s a beautiful nurturing and relaxing massage and ceremony for post natal women, descended from the ancient traditions of Ecuador, to close the hips and the circle of pregnancy and birth. You can book this gorgeous massage for yourself or as a gift for someone here.

I currently hold group classes in Maidstone and private classes all over Kent. The classes are informal, fun, packed with info about birth and your choices, and they’re relaxing (that’s the ‘hypno’ bit). Bring your birth partner, the classes are for you both - they have such an important role and I can show them how to connect with you and your baby during birth.

So if you want to banish the fear, get informed and know how to take control and achieve the best possible birth for you, book on a class now.

You can contact Christy directly on christy@kenthypnobirthing.com 



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I live in Folkestone with my husband Jim and our three children. After two  births that left me feeling shocked and out of control, I was keen to find another way during my third pregnancy. I discovered hypnobirthing and, despite my skepticism (could these techniques really make birth a positive experience for me? ) practiced throughout the final months of my pregnancy. I was rewarded for my commitment with a surprisingly calm and confident birth. This experience transformed the way I felt , not just about childbirth, but about myself and my body.

I want every woman to have a positive birth, to be prepared with a good understanding of her body and of the amazing things it can do. I want every couple to be prepared for the birth of their baby, empowered with the information they need to make the choices that are right for them . I trained as hypnobirthing teacher so I could share the techniques and tools that I found so life changing . I am a fully accredited breastfeeding counsellor and have been supporting breastfeeding mums locally for 6 years , working with hundreds of new mothers in that time. My passion is to see mothers supported in their own communities, antenatally , in the early days with their baby and throughout motherhood. It’s time for a revolution in the way we invest in the people who are bringing up the next generation!

Katy teaches group classes in Folkestone and Margate alongside private classes all over Kent. You can contact Katy directly on katy@kenthypnobirthing.com.