About Sophie


I am Sophie and I live in Faversham, Kent, with my partner Ben and our two lovely children, Felix and Esther. Before I was a hypnobirthing teacher I was a childminder and studying at university. I loved childminding as I worked with amazing families and wonderful children. I got to stay at home and see my little boy grow up. But after taking hypnobirthing classes with Kent Hypnobirthing and witnessing the hugely positive and life changing effect that they had on me I knew I had to become a teacher! My first birth was without hypnobirthing and that has shown clearly the powerful impact that the classes, practise and application have as my second experience of birth was totally opposite to my first. The relationship I have with my body, mind and the people close to me have been altered so positively. It's so exciting to pass this on to the future mums and dads I teach!

My first birth, which was a very medicalised birth filled with intervention, left me feeling disempowered and very distrusting of my body. I could not believe how a natural birth could ever be possible for anyone. I was left with a great deal of unresolved pain and guilt. When I became pregnant for a second time I was determined to have a different experience and so approached Ray about doing hypnobirthing classes with her. The classes meant I approached my birth in a totally different way. Hypnobirthing was such an amazing, healing experience for both me and my partner. It was a vital part of the natural birth of my daughter. You can read about Esther's birth here. I told everyone I possibly could about my experience and realised that I wanted to be able to teach it too. I trained with Katherine Graves at KG Hypnobirthing and Ray asked if I would like to join Kent Hypnobirthing. So here I am!

My passion for birth has been lifelong (I come from a huge and very open family) but it became much more passionate after I had birthed naturally. I can see the impact that hypnobirthing has from experiencing one birth with and one birth without. I have seen how Hypnobirthing has helped not only with my birth but also how positive I have felt postnatally. I was so enthusiastic about it I had trained with KG Hypnobirthing by the time Esther was 3 1/2 months old! Hypnobirthing has helped me to feel more empowered and completely trusting in my own ability and body. I teach to help future mums and dads find their own power and strength. Labour and birth is truly incredible when you learn to trust your instincts and release all fear.

Sophie currently teaches group hypnobirthing classes in Faversham and private classes all over Kent. You can contact her directly on  sophie@kenthypnobirthing.com or 07815 055990