Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal system designed to educate couples on the inner workings of birth. We show women how their bodies are designed to birth comfortably and we enable partners to be a core part of the birthing process and provide essential, loving support. 

Calm, comfortable birth is completely achievable and surprisingly easy to prepare for. Within your sessions we explore a logical, scientific, research-based antenatal approach focused on achieving a positive birth. You'll learn about the amazing hormonal system designed to support your body in labour and how to create the perfect environment for those hormones to do what they're so good at. 

The skills taught in our hypnobirthing classes are invaluable no matter what your birth plans are - however you choose to bring your baby into the world our guarantee is this: commit to your practice and your baby's birth will be an enduringly positive event.  

Feel free to have a browse around the site and if you have any further questions please do email or call us. We'd love to chat it all through with you.